Our story

Galleri Ruth started out in 2012 as a tiny contemporary artist run indoor gallery at Solberg farm situated inbetween the two rural councils Råde and Rygge in the south east part of Norway. Outdoor in front of the gallery was served wind-powered wafles. In the summer months around 2500-3000 cars were passing the gallery each day. Many cars did slow down when they saw the windmill and the gallery - but the drivers did not manage to stop, get out of the car to enjoy the art show.

In 2013 Galleri Ruth was transformed into a Drive In Sound Art Gallery. This was an attempt to meet the possible needs and interests of the car drivers and at the same time make it easier to access contemporary sound art by using the car as the extended gallery space in a beautiful remote and rural setting.

After tree years in Råde/Rygge Galleri Ruth began to explore new sights like an urban parking lot in Fredrikstad.
From 2016 the project has started the scandinavian tour along with exploring new sights in the county Østfold.

NRK link: https://www.nrk.no/video/PS*111922

Logo designed by: Irwan Ahmet and Tita Salina