2022 Sijti Jarnge, Hattfjelldal

The exhibition is in collaboration with Sijti Jarnge.

The exhibition took place outdoor and in connection to the two "gamme" (Sami: earth cabin). Even though the exhibition connected to the Sami reindeers I as non-Sami felt it invading to place the installation in the same natural area as the "gamma"- it had in all respect to be outside the "gamma" area and in the grass field forming a triangle and with a great view to the landscape and the industry describing the environment and its changes.

Buried underground in a 5-6 meter circle (diameter) 16 ceramic sound plates with transducers were placed. One could feel the sound vibrations under the shoes and when listening carefully the "clicking" sounds and other reindeer expressions could be heard as they moved contra clockwise in the circle.

The installation was powered by a small windmill and a solar panel and exhibited for 3 months 2022.

Support: Regional exhibition grant