2022 platformBUNKER, DK

Platform BUNKER is an intimate exhibition space for hybrid practices that equals and unites art form.

The exhibition space is a concrete shelter placed in a courtyard in Fredriksberg, CPH.

For the exhibition I planed to present the reindeers clicking and other communication especially the oral/throat expressions. Going to Denmark and exhibit Sami culture came across quite outlandish considering the Danish/my own colonial history regarding Greenland and the Inuit population, language and culture. I somehow knew more of the Southern Sami culture than of my own danish heritage so how was I to work this out?

Examining the reindeers throat expressions it has conspicuous similarity to indigenous inuit throat singing as practiced by the women. Also, reindeers are present in Greenland and has been hunted for its fur and meat. At this point I found a connection and tried to get in contact with Inuit throat singers, but did not succeed. Instead it turned out that Elfi Sverdrup was thought the Inuit throat singing and we decided to collaborate.

In the shelter, which has a significant reverb, 14 sound channels are placed along the curved walls. The small speaker are pointed towards concrete parabola plates as a way to spread the sounds and hopefully reduce the reverb. Elfi´s throat singing was presented from a stereo and the singing integrated in the whole circuit of sounds moving contra clockwise like the reindeers within the fences.

The sounds were a 30 min loop and in the center of the shelter 3 reindeer fur were placed to invite the audience stay and feel warm and relaxed.

Dialogue between reindeers and Elfi Sverdrups throat singing.

Reindeers and Elfi Sverdrup in dialogue

Reindeers communication: clicking and oral expressions in dialogue with Elfi Sverdrup and her inuit throat singing. We found a similarity between the reindeers throat sounds and throat singing, a connection we find important to recognize.

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